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Shein be showing out!

So many people are clueless to this old money classic fashion but baby mary-Jo is on it!

Welcome to Mary-Jo my Lifestyle showing you how I curate my favorite things! Thank you for being interested in me. I mean, I am THAT GIRL!

“I'm a tall girl, I wear what looks good on me.”

Shein be Sheining


I'm an eighties baby so you know I grew up watching Alicia Silverstone & Stacy Dash! Clueless is a 90's classic movie that will never go out of style!

Brunch was being planned for my sis bday on a Sunday so you know I had to put on my two piece sweater fit, I paired it with an Louis Vuitton bag and Gucci socks! I did order the two piece from Shein and it was a hit! I love my timeless pieces but this classic fit was on point! .

My name is Mary-Jo, I am full of personality with a love for all things pretty! Follow me, don't miss a thing!

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