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The Selfie Snobb is a display of 4 creative selfie walls. New backdrops every month. All art is based on Mary-Jo’s influence in the visual world. The Selfie Snob is located in Mary-Jo Richie Photography Studio. The space was designed to give South Bend something to do and people visiting South Bend as well as beautiful content for the selfie lovers! 

Snobb Story 

Inspired by Mary-Jo’s personality with a love for magazines! The Selfie Snob depicts from Mary-Jo’s current soft girl era and liking for designer and interior aesthetics. Creating sets have been an ultimate passion. The perfect place for Tik-Tokers, Influencers, Instagrammers, Pinterest lovers and a photo op for a birthday. This space has been personally designed for one person. 

Highly Suggested for Bday, Content, teens, influenects, digital creators


How it works

Ticketing Policy-Tickets are $25 per person per one hour, 

bringing a photographer add additional $150 will need to be purchased 

3 and under free with one purchased ticket limited to two kids. Example, I have two children ages one and three, I would like to take their pics. I have to purchase a ticket for them but the kids are free.

We do NOT have a waiting room/area for non-ticket holders - this includes non-ticketed parents. Anyone without a ticket will not be able to remain in the building during the session.

Refund Policy


We are not able to offer refunds on our tickets. We operate on a VERY limited capacity to provide you the safest visit while you explore our museum. 

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